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Elder Law Lawyer Cheyenne, WY

elder law lawyer Cheyenne, WY

Your Dedicated Elder Law Attorneys

If you have thought about starting the crucial work of late life planning, our Cheyenne, WY elder law lawyer can help you. Creating a comprehensive plan for the later stages of life is crucial for ensuring security and well-being for yourself and your family. Our attorney, Kelly Davis has been a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys since 1997. He has the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to help you create a thorough plan for you and your family. To discuss your situation with our elder law lawyer, contact Davis & Johnson Law Office today to schedule a consultation.

Our Elder Law Services

Our Cheyenne elder law attorney is equipped to assist with a variety of services related to elder law, including estate planning, health care planning, estate administration, insurance advice, housing assistance, tax assistance, litigation and advocacy, Medicaid planning, nursing home planning, personal care, asset protection and preservation, disability benefits and more. If you or a loved one require assistance with one of these or a related service, contact our office today for assistance.

Estate Planning Services

A thorough and sound estate plan is a necessity for every person. Estate plans secure the future of your assets and ensure that they are distributed according to your wishes. They can also lay out all your wishes for your future care and other instructions that you may wish to leave, making life easier for you and your family and protecting your and their future. Our elder law lawyer can help you draft an effective will or trust and will assist you with making other important end-of-life choices that can be laid out in an estate plan. We will advise you on the best type of estate plan to fit your needs and with updating the estate plan as these needs grow and change.

Long-Term Care

Another facet of elder law that our Wyoming elder law lawyer often assists clients with is the planning and facilitating of long-term care. This can include determining the best facility for care, including assisted living and nursing homes, creating a financial plan for long-term care, and other important decisions and considerations. We know how delicate of a matter this is for you and your family. We are here to respect your wishes and allow you to focus on personal considerations while we work on the legal and financial elements of your long-term care plan.

Protecting Your Future With The Assistance Of Our Elder Law Lawyer

Elder law is an important and personal branch of law. Ensuring that your future and the future of your family are secured is of the utmost importance. You do not have to take on this task alone. Our dedicated elder law lawyer is here to assist you as you do so and to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible for you. For more information about the importance of long-term plans and to discover how we can assist you with your needs, contact Davis & Johnson Law Office today to schedule a consultation.

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