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Our Estate Planning Services

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Do you think about estate planning as something that only the wealthy need? You’d be surprised how many people believe they only need a will for an estate plan or that their assets are too meager to need a plan.

We understand the importance of securing your legacy and ensuring the well-being of your loved ones. Estate planning goes beyond allocating your assets after you pass away. If you have anyone who depends on you, like a minor child, or if you have specific wishes about your health care preferences, Wyoming estate planning lawyers can help ensure that your wishes are honored even if you cannot advocate for yourself.

A solid estate plan includes end-of-life preparation, as well as establishing a power-of-attorney to represent your interests and financial affairs if you cannot make your wishes known. The legal team at Davis & Johnson Law Office has a deep knowledge of Florida inheritance laws and works with your family to develop an estate plan that protects you all.

Wyoming Estate Planning Lawyers

An estate plan can make things easier for your family after you pass away. It lists your assets and debts and can contain a last will and testament that divides your assets among your heirs. An estate plan can also include one or more trusts. If you receive Medicaid, for example, or anticipate receiving Medicaid, then your estate plan can include a Medicaid trust to preserve as much of your assets as possible. Our lawyers know how strict the rules for this kind of trust can be, and keep apprised of changes in the law or updates to Medicaid regulations that could affect your estate plan.

Protecting Everything You’ve Worked So Hard For

If you own a business, do you have a plan in place for operating the business if you become incapacitated? Or, what about if you’re in a car wreck and cannot communicate with the medical representatives? We can help you with a financial power of attorney to protect your business or a medical directive so your healthcare preferences are honored.

With extensive knowledge of Wyoming’s estate laws, our skilled attorneys offer comprehensive estate planning services that cater to the specific needs of Wyoming residents. We consider fine points of law when developing your estate plan and can help you make changes as your life and relationships change. If you have children or dependents, your estate plan protects your children’s future by appointing a trusted guardian in the event of your inability to care for them.

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