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Wills & Probate

Counseling Wyoming Families Through Probate and Wills

Wyoming Wills & Probate Attorneys

Davis & Johnson Law Office is here to help Wyoming families like yours navigate the probate process. We know that you have many questions about probate, your estate, and how to ensure that as much of your assets and money goes to your heirs as possible. It’s the job of our Wyoming wills and probate lawyers to make that happen.

Despite what many people think, their property may not automatically pass to their heirs. Your children can’t just come to your house and divide the furniture and bank accounts. Even with a will, you can’t just go down the list and take what’s been listed to be yours. To legally transfer assets from your deceased loved one to you and other heirs, their estate (everything they owned) must go through probate.

If you’re unsure what your next steps are after someone close to you passes away if you’ve been named as the executor of a will and don’t know what to do, or if you have questions about how the Wyoming probate process affects your estate, call our law office. We can guide you through these situations and more, answering your questions with advice tailored to your needs.

Wyoming Wills & Probate Lawyers You Can Rely On

All estates must go through probate, even without a will. In these cases, the county probate court will appoint an estate representative, usually someone close to the deceased. Our probate attorneys can help you understand your duties as an estate representative if you’re thrust into this role.

We’re here beside you in your time of need, and we understand that emotions can run high after you lose someone close to you. We offer objective advice based on our long years of experience working through Wyoming probate. We can represent the estate in court on your behalf and draft and file all the necessary legal documents to probate the estate.

Helping You Understand Wyoming Probate

Even with a will, there are still a few legal hurdles between filing the will with the court and the property legally belonging to you. We can help you understand what the court needs at which stage. The estate may have debts, too. Our Wyoming wills and probate lawyers can help you discern between valid and invalid creditors and take care of the estate’s obligations.

In some situations, the pain of losing someone you love is amplified by a dispute over the will. We can help you handle any challenges to the will or the allocation of assets in your loved one’s estate plan.

Or, perhaps you’ve found yourself wronged in a will or are unsure that your family member was truly in their right mind when they wrote the will. If you suspect undue influence, our probate attorneys can represent you, investigate the situation, and advocate for your rights.

A Word About Fees

In probate an attorney’s help will be needed. The amount and nature of the help will depend on the complexity of the estate. Costs and fees depend upon the size of the estate and are generally fixed by statute. The job of the attorney is to keep the personal representative on track, prepare and file court documents, and prepare transfer documents. For estates under $200,000 the attorney will normally bill for his services at an hourly rate. The allowable rate for larger estates is fixed by statute. Sometimes people will try to handle the estate on their own, without the assistance of an attorney. They may even do nothing, thinking that the Will is all that is needed to transfer the estate. This usually ends up costing them more in both time and money than if they hired an experienced attorney in the first place.

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