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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Cheyenne, WY

workers' compensation lawyer Cheyenne, WY

Everyone deserves a safe place to work, and support when accidents happen. That’s the purpose of Wyoming Workers’ Compensation Insurance—to provide access to quality medical care and a wage stipend for injured workers. However, getting the full benefits you’re entitled to under the program may be more difficult for some injured employees.

Workers’ compensation is an employer-sponsored benefit for nearly all workers in Wyoming. The process should be simple: you get hurt, you file your claim, and then you follow the protocols your employer and the state have in place to receive benefits. For some injured workers, though, they may face a delay in receiving benefits, a claim denial, or other problems getting what they’re rightfully entitled to. It’s people like these that can benefit most from the advice of a Cheynne, WY, workers’ compensation lawyer.

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How Can A Cheyenne Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Help Me?

You don’t need a lawyer to file a Wyoming workers’ comp claim. However, if you have trouble with your claim or discover that your employer does not have this kind of insurance (if they’re required to), then it’s time to ask for legal advice so you understand your options.

A workers’ compensation attorney can help you file a lawsuit for damages if your employer is supposed to carry workers’ compensation insurance but does not. This kind of personal injury claim can help you recoup the cost of medical care required for your workplace injury and alleviate your financial burden if you had to miss work to recover from the injury.

If your employer has workers’ compensation coverage but has delayed completing their end of the paperwork, or if their insurance carrier is questioning your claim, an attorney can help you navigate an application review or claims appeals process.

Some injured employees work with a lawyer from the start to ensure that their claim is properly filed and that they have all the necessary supporting documentation to get it approved.

Helping You Get Back On Your Feet After A Workplace Injury

Getting hurt at work can change your life. You may end up permanently disabled or injured to the point where you can no longer continue in your line of work. In these situations, you may be eligible for disability benefits through Wyoming Workers’ Compensation or may be able to claim vocational rehabilitation training to help you find a job suited to your changed abilities.

You have more rights than you may think after a workplace injury. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney can help you file for additional benefits or pursue vocational re-training.

Injured At Work? We Want To Hear Your Story

Have you been hurt on the job and faced difficulties collecting your Wyoming workers’ comp benefits? The legal team at Davis & Johnson Law Office is ready to help! We offer a free consultation for injured workers and are ready to fight for all the benefits you’re entitled to. Call us today to get started. 

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