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Samantha Murphy


Samantha Murphy is the dedicated paralegal at Davis & Johnson Law Office, where her work spans civil law, including roles in estate planning and guiding clients through the probate process. Since joining the firm, Samantha has made a significant impact by addressing the real-life consequences of injuries on her clients and tackling the unfair treatment they receive from insurance companies and workers’ compensation. Her background in criminal law and her transition to civil litigation have empowered her to make a profound difference in the lives of those she serves.

Born and raised in Wyoming, Samantha’s journey into law was sparked by personal experiences and a desire to enact change. After a year at Eastern Wyoming College and a lengthy hiatus to focus on raising her daughter as a single mother, her passion for justice was ignited by the documentary, “Making a Murderer.” This led her back to education, where she excelled in Paralegal Studies at Laramie County Community College, graduating with high distinction in 2019. Originally intending to work in criminal defense, Samantha’s path took a meaningful turn when she discovered her potential to influence civil law at Davis & Johnson.

Outside of her professional environment, Samantha is deeply connected to her community and cherishes her time at home, reading, baking, and enjoying time with her daughter. Her approach to law is deeply humane, driven by a commitment to showing clients that their concerns are heard and valued, thereby challenging the stereotype that lawyers are solely profit-driven.

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